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Avoiding Self-Sabotage on Hot Russian Brides

14. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

No one goes into a dating situation with plans to tank their own chances of romantic success. But, there are some things you can say or do that can have exactly the opposite effect that you intend. Many statements and actions can be taken the wrong way and cause a conflict. A few pitfalls to avoid:


Using Slang or Text Speak in Chat and Email

Always do your best to use good grammar and avoid slang when communicating with Russian brides. Even in local dating, the nuances of a message can be lost in a text-only medium. That becomes even more likely when you add the cultural and language barriers that are present in international dating. And, if it is difficult for you to understand one another, it can be hard to get close.


To combat this, make your emails and messages as clear as possible. Stay away from slang that might not translate well. Use short sentences and polish up on your grammar and punctuation. By removing barriers to communication, you make it easier for her to feel close to you and form a connection.


Putting Negative Comments in Your Profile

It can be tempting to include comments in your profile about the things that you don’t want. For instance, someone who is only looking for serious and commitment-minded ladies may feel like screening out casual daters by writing “Don’t contact me unless you are marriage material” or something similar. Or, someone who is apprehensive about scams could decide to put a “no scammers!” warning in his profile. Unfortunately, these directives will send many honest and serious ladies off in the other direction, as well. By addressing every reader as a potential scammer, you have, indirectly, questioned her integrity before you’ve even chatted. And, the “serious-only” message can make you sound rigid and demanding. Remember, your profile description is part of the first impression a lady develops of you.


Getting Impatient

Don’t let simple delays or misunderstandings become big conflicts. For instance, if you expected her to be online but she is not, be understanding. There are a number of factors that can keep her away from the agency and the computer, ranging from family commitments to inclement weather. In other cases, a simple misunderstanding can ratchet up to genuine tension if a gentleman jumps to the wrong conclusion and overreacts. Always be patient and kind. Acting with irritation or impatience to things that are just part of life can create a conflict where one did not previously exist.


In the end, the gentleman who always takes time to look at things from his lady friend’s perspective will have fewer conflicts and more warmth and intimacy in his interactions. International dating is not always easy, but the rewards are there for the gentleman who is willing to take the time and effort to look.


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