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Back to School: 15 Teachers and Students Looking for Love on Hot Russian Brides

22. August 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

In the spirit of back-to-school season, here are 15 students and teachers looking for love on HotRussianBrides.com. Is your Russian match among them?


To contact a lady, simply click on the link in her user name to view her profile and send a message. Some of the ladies may also be available via live video streaming, so don't hesitate to send a chat request.


Not sure what to say? This article offers a few ideas, though you might also consider asking about a lady's studies or subject of expertise. Where does she go to school or teach? What is she studying? What is her favorite subject? If you're also a teacher or student, share your own interests and experiences. Good luck and happy chatting!

FairyVicky, 24 y.o. Teacher from Kherson

TeachULove, 29 y.o. Professor from Sumy

Princessaa, 23 y.o. Teacher from Kherson

SoloteLove, 24 y.o. Teacher from Pawlohrad

HotTeacher, 26 y.o. Teacher from Poltava

Teacher55, 20 y.o. Teacher from Odessa

SweetTeacher, 33 y.o. Psychology Teacher from Kerch

Honeyed, 25 y.o. Teacher from Odessa

Ledi125, 18 y.o. Student from Fatumovka

SuperLovely, 20 y.o. Student from Odessa

JustKate, 22 y.o. Student from Odessa

Afrodita990, 22 y.o. Student from Konstantinovka

HappyBella, 20 y.o. Student from Odessa

NatushaKiss, 20 y.o. Student from Ilyichevsk 

Hannam, 21 y.o. Student from Kherson