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Beautiful, Smart and Athletic Girls Compete for the Title of Miss Kievan Rus

6. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

There are beauty pageants held all over the world. But, the one held by Kyivska Rus Park this weekend is a little different from most. Participants will compete in the evening gown and swimsuit competitions that are familiar from western beauty pageants. But, the winner of the Miss Kievan Rus crown will also have to show knowledge of Medieval Ukrainian history, and prowess in skills that include tug-of-war and javelin throwing. The winner will be the face of Kyivska Rus Park and help educate the public about the park’s work. Kyivska Rus Park is a reconstruction of the capital city of the Kievan Rus Empire. Visitors can learn about this proud period of Ukrainian history and see for themselves what life was like during that time. 


The contest is a celebration of smart and powerful ladies from Ukrainian history such as Anna Yaroslavna, a Kievan-Rus princess who became the queen of France. Contestants in the Miss Kievan Rus embody the intelligence, athleticism and beauty that are a source of Ukrainian pride. You can see video from last year’s contest below:


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