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Behind the Scenes with a Beauty Queen

30. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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With so many gorgeous girls in Russia and Ukraine, beauty pageants are popular competitions all throughout the year. Many cities enjoy hosting beauty shows and very often some of the single ladies on HotRussianBrides.com are crowned as the winners.


Ukrainian bride StEkatherine was recently crowned Miss Kherson 2010 and she answered some questions that people often wonder about beauty queens and their experiences in pageants.


How did you learn about the contest?

I found out about this competition from the newspaper and decided right away that this is something I should go for.


What made you decide to enter?

I wanted to take part in this competition to make all my dreams come true and I think I did.


What beauty secrets did you learn backstage?

I learned a lot of useful things and secrets behind the scenes. They were mostly about how girl should represent herself while on the stage and about the best ways of showing her outer and inner beauty.


How did you keep yourself looking so fresh and lovely throughout the whole experience?

I follow just couple simple rules to stay in a good shape and keep myself fit, so I look better day after day. I do exercises every morning, follow healthy lifestyle and use only high-quality make up and cosmetics for my face and body.


What did you do to physically prepare yourself for the event?

I am always ready to take part in this kind of competitions, because I think I am well prepared for them and not only in a good physical shape but also emotionally ready.


Your gown is beautiful; what made you decide on that gown?

Choosing this dress I was following only one rule: the simpler the better.


The swimsuit competition, was it nerve wracking? What did you do to prepare yourself mentally for that portion of the event?

I really enjoy bikini showings, that is why I do not feel uncomfortable. I think that is the best way to evaluate each model's qualities.


Share with us your experience of visiting the orphanages? What reflection did you take away with you from that experience?

While preparing for the competition, I got a chance to visit the local children's hospital. It is very hard to express all emotions, because I met so many kind, joyful and talented kids, who can't enjoy all the benefits that life has to offer. I know for sure, that I will be trying to visit places like this as often as possible and try to help people in need as much as I can.


What are your plans in goodwill now that you have won?

I have a lot of plans for the future. I would like to add my contribution into the improvement of my city and country. Also I would like to be able to help people in need.


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