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Best Places in Kherson to Watch the Sunset: Dnieper River

30. September 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Nestled between the mighty Dnieper River and a series of beautiful meadows, the Ukranian city of Kherson is a perfect spot to revel in the glories of nature.


An ideal evening for many Kherson residents is to climb on the roof of a friend or family’s home and watch the flaming, red sun set over the cool, fast waters of the Dnieper River. Many also choose to enjoy a generous portion of ice cream as they marvel at the glorious sight. You may see many sunsets all over the world, but you will never forget a Kherson sunset. 


Another way to enjoy the region’s sunsets is to drive along the side of the Dnieper River and watch the sun as it slowly sinks out of sight. In the summer, local residents might also stop to stroll through a field of sunflowers. In the winter, they might visit one of the area’s peaceful forests to watch the setting sun glide over the tops of the pine trees. Many Kherson residents are moved to tears by the beauty of the setting sun in a picture perfect landscape.


It doesn’t matter if you visit Kherson in the winter, spring, fall, or summer, all seasons will provide ample opportunities for you to view a beautiful Ukrainian sunset and feel at one with nature.