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Best Places in Melitopol to Meet With Friends: Tangerine Restaurant

7. August 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Tangerine Restaurant in Melitopol, Ukraine

Tangerine Restaurant


After a long trip it is always pleasant to relax in some quiet place with exquisite food and soothing music. In Melitopol one can find a variety of such places, but we will focus our attention on the restaurant that will exceed all your expectations.


The first thing that catches your eye is the color of interior and exterior, orange, as the name of the establishment is Tangerine. In summer you feel freshness of tropic and in winter you breathe in the warmth of the sun.


Despite the modern style of the hall you step into home coziness, underlined with pastel color range. If you come with your beloved a lane table in the corner of the room will fill the atmosphere with silent romance. For those who enjoy dining in fresh air there is a comfortable arbor.


A lot can be said but as the saying reads it is better to try once than to hear one hundred times.