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Best Places in Odessa to Eat and Meet Up with Friends: Fanconi

1. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

If you want to have a splendid and amazing evening, where you are sure to enjoy the most delicious foods in the city, then you may want to try Fanconi, or another one of Odessa’s amazing cafes.


In a modern world that can at times be overcome with worry, plunging into a comfortable and cozy atmosphere to have a hot cup of chocolate, or to enjoy a refined cake, gives a person that extra needed down time, in order to dream about the future, and reflect upon the past. One of the best places to experience this is in one of Odessa, Ukraine’s picturesque cafes.


There are many chic bistros in Odessa. Certainly, it is without a doubt that the cuisine speaks for itself. They even have a karaoke bar and night club, equipped with the latest technology!


Each restaurant is different. However, every cafe offers an oasis of culinary art, unforgettable pleasures, unique designs, lively music, and as always, a surprise for visitors.


One of these restaurants, Fanconi, has been open since 1872. In fact, when Fanconi first opened, Italy was being overrun with mobsters, France was developing its own Bohemian style, Spain was gaining a sense of passion, the east was becoming more exotic, and Asia was known even then for having a mysterious reputation. All of these countries have influenced Fanconi’s exclusive history.


It is worth noting that the development of these bistros in Odessa has gone hand in hand with the building of the city’s prosperity, since the Turkish Hadzhibey days. During this time period, coffee houses became some of the main places visited. Popularity was likely due to the fact that people were able to rest, while also having the distinct opportunity to converse with friends. 


One of the main advantages that a person has when visiting Odessa is that they are able to choose from a wide variety of cafes, which display unique traditional styles, along with their own sense of individuality. Odessa’s restaurants offer European, Eastern, and even Pan-Asiatic cuisine! The chefs are always glad to represent their new and unusual dishes. In addition, the bars offer a wide range of drinks. In conclusion, a person visiting Odessa, Ukraine will find that qualified staff members and unique styles are a huge part of what makes the city’s eateries so popular.