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Best Places in Odessa to Get a Drink: Lustdorf

12. August 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Restaurant Lustdorf in Odessa, Ukraine

If while visiting Odessa you wish to try a real beer, unique by its way of making and made only in the Odessa region, you should definitely come to the restaurant Lustdorf. This restaurant called the best one of the year by one of the local magazines. Lustdorf combines new conception of modern recreation’s style and classical quality of brewage and cuisine. This place is perfect not only for having good drinks and food but also for successful business meeting, having fun with friends or even a romantic date.  



While designing the restaurant stuff gave all their soul, warmth and emotions to its interior. Combination of glass, wood, metal and stone makes the visit unforgettable and you will want to come here over and over again.  



The brewery itself is the heart of this restaurant and allows more than 600 people to be witnesses of the process. The brewer, a real specialist in their field, works within the view of guests while in the process of brewing, making you feel like a participant of creating this wonderful and useful drink. Beer “Lustdorf” is brewed without adding any preservatives, chemicals and additives. It differs not only in how it is made, but also by its taste. Brewed on the basis of French yeast, German malt and hops it has a unique flavor. The restaurant's brewery offers to its guests three unique varieties of beer:



1) White wheat beer has rich color altogether with rich taste. 

2) Dark beer is different because of its deep dark color and sweetish taste. 

3) Light barley beer has delicate aroma, unique color and unforgettable taste.



But Lustdorf restaurant is not only for drinking delicious beer, having tasty food and listening to quality music. Here you can also be a participant of different entertaining games and receive the most incredible prizes like safe with personal mug, collection set of coffee, tourist vouchers etc.  



So come visit and discover the truth of our praise for yourself!