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Best Places in Odessa to Meet With Friends: Ibiza Night Club

5. August 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Ibiza Night Club


Ibiza Night Club in Odessa, Ukraine

One of the places where many local and foreign people love to have fun with their friends or dates is Ibiza night club located among many other night clubs in Arcadia, center of summer night life in Odessa.


Ibiza is undoubtedly a great place for people who like clubbing and relaxing in interesting places during the summer seasons. This club is extremely luxurious and stylish with its outstanding interior and astonishing light effects that leave a lifetime impact on your mind. It is designed as a gigantic ant hill with white walls, blue slabs, pink doors, high lit tables, neon bars, friendly staff, cute guards, a small aquarium pool, hanging bridges, etc. The club resembles a maze full of flat-screen TV sets, lighting and sound plants. People are having fun everywhere- both upstairs and downstairs and you can see the endless sea in the round wall openings of the club. Also since this year they have additional area, located directly on the sand and under the palm-trees, where you also can party and have fun in the atmosphere of freedom and joy.


During summer months this club is fully packed with visitors from all over the world. They choose this place because of the best service, music, cuisine and the most beautiful women in the world!) 


Since opening its doors Ibiza night club has hosted of the most famous and talented DJs and performance artists, establishing itself as one of the premier dance clubs. This miracle is located right on the Black Sea coast in the open air ,work  7 days a week featuring a variety of entertainment from huge dance hall, delightful music system , lighting and of course the DJs that play a selection of music that keeps dancers for hours on the dance floor to colorful theme parties.  


The show-program, where you can see one of the best dance ballets in Ukraine, starts at 23.00, then disco till morning. If your date wants to go dancing and you want to impress her, this is the right place!