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Best Places in Odessa to Meet With Friends: Itaka Nightclub

10. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Itaka Night Club in Odessa, Ukraine

Itaka is another summer night club located in Arcadia where you can relax and spend the evening full of impressions and positive emotions.


Along with Ibiza, this is the best nightlife experience Odessa and the rest of Ukraine can offer during its raging summer. Designed in the style of Greek ruins, this massive Odessa nightclub boasts an enormous dance floor, spectacular stage, massive pillars overlooking Black Sea, seating for over 200 people, one long bar and hundreds of mesmerized dancing patrons. Each night is kicked off with a bang through a spectacular show (usually at midnight) which is a must see for anyone in Odessa. Different nightly show is there to keep you coming back. Expect to see anything from a sensual strip tease to a multi troop acrobatic performance. Odessa's Itaka has various options for sitting, with prime seats being leveled next to the stage and the rest either on the 2nd floor or along side of the bar by the dance floor. It is suggested to make reservations for prime sitting space.


During the summer, Itaka is home to semi-weekly performances by Russian and Ukrainian superstars on tour through Odessa. Service in Itaka is marginal, yet there is considerable room for improvement as the waiters cater to dozens of tables at a time. In Itaka you can order anything from full entrees to hookahs filled with milk here. Itaka's crowd is diverse as Odessa’s population: Western tourists, Russian tourists, drop dead gorgeous girls in miniskirts, little kids and their parents and a massive number of staff workers wearing nothing but traditional togas. It is hard to think of a place where one can make friends as easily as at Odessa's Itaka, especially with the help of some exotic alcoholic beverages that the bubbly bartenders are happy to serve. The only con, if it can be called that, is the music. Itaka plays almost exclusively pop, with same songs repeating numerously every night.


Never mind the music, if you are in Odessa, do yourself a favor and come to Itaka. Chances are - you won’t leave before the sunrise


Itaka is opened for 24 hours a day. The restaurant is opened from 11 am to 9 pm, can offer you a variety of food and an English menu.