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Best Places in Odessa to Meet With Friends: Sady Pobedy Luxury Gallery

22. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Sady Pobedy Luxury Gallery in Odessa, Ukraine

Sady Pobedy is a stunning luxury shopping center located in Odessa.  Also known as “Victory Gardens,” this building is unique in Ukraine due to its scale, construction approach and format.  Featuring state of the art air filtration and eco-friendly lighting systems as well as five levels of boutiques, restaurants, bars, even an art gallery and concert hall, the building combines both beauty and function seamlessly. 


The Art gallery on the fourth level was opened on March 25, 2007 with the exhibition of the works of Odessa artists. From the first day of its existence, the gallery gained impetuous working tempo. Within the period of six months there were four personal and three joint exhibitions. The works of more than 40 Ukrainian artists are represented on 250 m squared of the exhibition.


The gallery possesses a great collection of beautiful works of the best South -Russian artists of the 50’s – 70’s and the 20th century, such as Sheluto, Astmanchyk, Lomnkin, Rusin, Pavluk, Yegorov, Tokarev and others. The gallery works in different directions: there are exhibitions of famous artists, artistic family dynasties and naturally young talented artists.


Within a short period the gallery in “Sady Pobedy” took the leading place in cultural life of Odessa and gained popularity beyond the city.


Visitors to Sady Pobedy must also visit the restaurant of the same name on the fifth level.  Here you will find the delicious intersection of gastronomic pleasure and simple life ideals. 


“Ordinary” cuisine by Aleksey Pusik and Svetalna Puliko is not that ordinary actually. The restaurant is looking forward to serving guests at breakfast, lunch and dinner by candlelight. The chef will certainly create new dishes in accordance with season. The head-cook will delight you with his favourite dishes, such as Mediterranean cuisine, Caucasian cuisine and traditional Ukrainian cuisine. There is also a lounge- café, where you can enjoy the Best Brand Coffee and cigars. The summer patio offers a separate bar, a patio for “relaxation” and a pre-party with a glamorous view of the city.


Also on the fifth level is an amazing concert hall surrounded by the adjoining restaurants.  From here, you may dine on a select concert menu while you enjoy musicians and dance performances in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.


We definitely recommend you stop by this world class establishment during your visit to Odessa, whether it is to go on a shopping excursion with your date, enjoy a romantic dinner, enjoy a concert together, view magnificent works of art… or even all of the above!