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Best Places in Odessa to Meet With Friends: Yo Nightclub

15. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Yo Night Club in Odessa, Ukraine

Welcome to Odessa’s nightlife experience and quiet possibly the best club in the world. While privacy may questionably be at stake, fun is not. Hundreds of patrons visit this club nightly, most to do nothing but relax, listen to music and dance as it provides probably the most perfect setting to do so while in Odessa.


Yo is a massive, ‘off’ season club in Odessa (seasons other than summer) that still ranks among the best despite its long existence. The interiors of this Odessa nightclub look polished and ultra modern. Get here early if you want to bowl or play billiards, and remember; the influence of alcohol can significantly impair your playing abilities! Note that Wednesdays are jazz nights, with excellent live performances. If gambling is your vice, give luck a try at the slots or table games available for your entertainment in Odessa. Expect to see a colorful bunch of people in this Odessa nightclub. Girls are always aplenty, as well as a large number of tourists hoping to attract their attention. While you dance, the DJ will spin Euro house but other genres are available upon request along with a 20hr note.


Along with Odessa's Amsterdam, this club is a must visit for anyone visiting Odessa outside of the summer season. Expect to hear mostly commercial Pop at this Odessa night club. There are also various well-known local DJs, which perform at the club on weekly basis. Drinks are served with enthusiasm and are surprisingly cheap on a comparison basis, make sure to make a reservation for a table in advance and in person.