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Best Places in Zaporozhye to Get a Drink: Silver Pub

5. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

If you are spending time in Zaporozhye, you can experience the splendor and spirit of the high seas at the pub, Silver.


Situated in the city center in a neighborhood bustling with singles and couples alike, the pub will take you to a world of pirates and sea adventures. A glass of rum and a visit to the sea lagoon – located in the hall – can truly bring this theme to life.

The pub also boasts of having the biggest LCD monitor in all of Zaporozhye, making it the perfect place to take in all of your favorite sports programs. Whether you prefer motor sports, boxing, football or any other sport, the pub staff will be glad to accommodate your interests.


What sports game would be complete without beer? Here, waiters will provide you with the wide selection of the pub’s brews, guaranteeing something to match any taste. The Ukrainian and Russian food dishes are cooked in the best traditional manner. You can also finish your meal with a cup of aromatic coffee or any of the pub’s elite varieties of tea.

For customers who prefer to stay away from the smoke from the old pirate’s tobacco pipe, there is a convenient nonsmoking hall.

The pub is a welcoming location whether you’re looking for an alternative to the city’s nightclubs or simply looking to enjoy a splendid evening with friends.