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Best Places in Kiev to Sightsee: Pushkinska Street

5. August 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

The picturesque street is named after the beloved Poet Alexander Pushkin. Pushkinska Street, or alternately Pushkinskaya Street, has retained a lot of the charm that it had 100 years ago, mixed with the bustling business of Kiev’s downtown. Many Russian and Ukrainian cities have a Pushkinska street.

Due to the influx of tourism and business to the city, Pushkinskya Street has become one of the busier streets in Downtown Kiev. Some of the most luxurious apartments, hotels and restaurants are prominently located on Pushkinska Street including the Premier Palace Hotel and Sumosan Restaurant.

Vinnytsya, Pushkin Street № 38. Built by architect V.P.Listovichiy.


Pushkinska Street in the Winter


The Premier Palace Hotel on Pushkinska Street


Pushkinska Street