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Biggest Emerald in 10 Years Found in Russia

15. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

The Gachala Emerald, one of the world's largest.Who wouldn’t be impressed by a jewel like this? A one and a half pound emerald has been unearth in the Ural Mountains of Siberia. The emerald is the largest found in a decade. Since the find coincides with the 65th anniversary of the Kaliningrad Amber Factory, they’ve called the jewel “Jubilee.”


The stone has excellent color and clarity, and experts think it is worth several hundred thousand dollars. The largest emerald ever taken out of the mine, called President, weighed over 1200 grams and was valued at $500,000.


Emeralds get their distinctive green color from trace amounts of chromium, iron or vanadium. In their natural state, they are shaped as hexagonal rods. An emerald’s clarity can from transparent to opaque and the color from yellowish to a deep green hue. Most emeralds have inclusions, which are considered part of the character of the stone.


A Russian peasant named Maxim Stefanovitch Koshevnikov found the region’s first emerald deposit in among the roots of a fallen tree in 1831. The Urals hold the largest deposit of emeralds in the world. In August, 17 pounds of emeralds were mined there each day, but less than one half of one percent of the stones found are suitable for faceting. The area is also home to beryl, alexandrite and demantoid garnet gemstone mines.


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Photo: wikicommons