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Bilingual Beauties

12. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

While our members do not pay extra for translation and interpretation services (the fees are included in membership packages), some gentlemen prefer to date Russian women who are fluent in English. Are you one of those men? Below you’ll find just a few of the hundreds of bilingual women on HotRussianBrides.com. Click on a lady's picture to see her profile.

“I adore languages. I speak English and Spanish.”

"I like to study and most of all I like to learn foreign languages."


"I enjoy listening to the music, traveling, improving my language skills etc."


"I like communicating, learning foreign languages, traveling."

"I know several languages and I can speak on different topics."


"Besides work, I study english. I like languages."

"I like learning foreign languages very much."


"I want to to find a beloved man. I like learning foreign languages."


"I like dancing and yoga. Learning foreign languages is my passion."


"My main hobby is studying English and German."

Want more? To find a bilingual beauty, go to the Advanced Search feature on HotRussianBrides and select the English skill you prefer (proficient or fluent). Enjoy!