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Bringing Your Russian Bride Home

13. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Dating Russian women online is a wonderful experience, but most men are eager to achieve the goal of bringing a beautiful Russian bride home.


Here are some things to consider now so you can be more prepared to share your life together.


Culture Shock

Living in Russia or Ukraine is vastly different from other parts of the world. The people, the food, the living arrangements; most everything will be unusual to a Russian bride far from home. Think of ways that you can help her with these transitions ahead of time so it will be easier on both of you.


Send lots of photos, not only of yourself, but also of your house, your neighborhood, and even some special landmarks in your area. Also, be specific when sharing details of your daily life, such as what a typical work day consists of and what you do on the weekends. You can even share photos of these everyday things, which may seem boring and mundane to you, but will be new and exciting to her. Plus, this will help her picture your life better and imagine how she will fit into it.


Language Lessons

Just like HotRussianBrides.com recommends that gentlemen learn a little Russian or Ukrainian to help along this international dating adventure, encourage your favorite lady to learn some basics of your language. You want her to eventually feel confident and comfortable being on her own in your city and having a handle on the local language will be a huge help.


Find the Familiar

Start researching about Russian community centers, churches, cultural clubs, and restaurants in your area. You may want to visit them yourself so you can experience how local Russian residents mix the cultures. Your Russian bride can visit these places when she’s feeling homesick to help ease her into her new life.


By taking some simple steps in readying yourself and your Russian bride for your relationship, you can help ensure a long and happy future together. Finding your perfect match is just the beginning. Sharing your new and improved life together is what you can really look forward to.