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Bruce Willis is the New Face of Russian Bank

24. November 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Bruce Willis for National Bank Trust

Of all celebrities, both Russian and foreign, the average Russian thinks of Bruce Willis as one of their own, according to GfK RUS, a global marketing research firm. This is why the “Die Hard” hero, or “Tough Nut” in the Russian translation, was chosen as the new face of National Bank Trust.


As Willis stares stoically upon the Russian public, wearing a black leather jacket, the billboard’s slogan reads, “Trust, it’s just like me, only it’s a bank.” The ads will be seen in 170 cities across Russia, as well as on the internet.


Dmitry Chukseyev, the bank’s communications vice president, hopes that Willis’ characteristics, both as an actor and a person, will help customers feel favorably toward their financial institution. “His image has strengthened throughout his professional career,” he said. “Like any other person he has had his ups and downs, but it’s been pretty steady; he’s stable.”


Also, since celebrity marketing is fairly new in Russia, companies often benefit greatly by getting big name celebrities for endorsements. Russian consumers assume the companies are doing well and are more likely to trust them. Sources say Willis agreed to a $3 million deal for two years worth of advertising.


Bruce Wilis is the New Face of Russian Bank

Photo: Vladimir Filonov, Moscow Times