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Can I Get Her Phone Number Right Away?

7. June 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Some men, unfamiliar with Hot Russian Brides and our Terms of Use, join the site with the intention of finding a few intriguing women and getting their personal contact info right away. However, that’s not how HRB works. Here’s a quick rundown of our contact info policy and the reasons for implementing it. 


Sharing Personal Contact Information 

Hot Russian Brides does not permit couples to exchange personal contact information right away. This means a man can’t join HRB and immediately request a woman’s phone number, email address, social networking ID, or Skype info. She is also unable to request his.


While some members dislike this policy, it exists to help keep us compliant with the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) and to provide a safe and secure environment for members to get to know one another. Many singles, both men and women, prefer online dating without the pressure to share personal information with a complete stranger. This is especially true in international dating where exaggerated horror stories are the norm.


The Intimacy Request

To request a woman’s personal contact information, a man must first complete the Intimacy Request process. Qualified members who are IMBRA approved are eligible to submit a request. Qualified members are men with a premium membership (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) who have used at least 1,000 credits on the site. Once a Qualified member completes the IMBRA process, he can request a woman’s information and she has two weeks to approve or deny his request. Once a couple has successfully completed the Intimacy Request process, they can exchange phone numbers, communicate off the site, make plans to meet in person, or whatever else they choose.


HRB’s Intimacy Request process helps keep members safe by providing a safe place for singles to chat and flirt. Check out our tutorial videos for more information about IMBRA and Intimacy Requests.


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