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Can I Trust Dating Agencies in Ukraine?

16. July 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Can I Trust Dating Agencies in Ukraine?

While HotRussianBrides.com does partner with only the most reputable dating agencies in Russia and Ukraine, some gentlemen still have concerns about traveling there and having to go through them to arrange meetings with Russian women.


Jason P. admits that he was hesitant about planning a trip to Odessa but the agency reps went above and beyond what he ever expected.


"Let me say that before I went, I had some reservations. There were people that said I would get scammed, or taken advantage of, or that the women were all fakes and models who deceived men who wrote them letters. But my experience was different," he said.


Not only are agency reps available to help schedule dates with the ladies, but many will provide transportation, translation, and in this case, tea!


"I was met at the airport by Slava, a wonderful representative of the agency he works for. All the people there were so nice to me. They truly had a genuine interest in me and my well-being. When I got depressed because I didn't know how the lady I was seeing felt about me, a couple of workers offered me tea and talked to me, and made me feel better. It was a bunch of little things that they did that they didn't have to do, but they did it anyways," he said.  


Jason was also comforted by the fact that the particular agency he dealt with shared his religious beliefs.


"This agency had so many believers in Christ, and that made a huge difference. I could tell their light was shining very soon after arriving. The translators were great, and very flexible. I had a great time," he said.


In the end, Jason had an enjoyable Ukrainian vacation all around and wants others to know that most of what is rumored about the Russian bride industry is completely false.


"I know that my opinion may be somewhat biased for the positive, seeing as how my relationship with the woman I have been corresponding with has worked out great. But I had a very positive experience, and certainly it was nothing like some of the bad reputations that exist in the U.S. towards this kind of thing."


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