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Can a Ukrainian Woman Visit Me?

2. August 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Most men plan to visit a special lady in Ukraine. However, some fellows would prefer to bring a prospective bride over for a visit. Is it possible? Yes, but many men choose to travel to a lady’s home country as it is often more difficult for Ukrainian citizens to secure tourist visas.

While Ukrainian women can visit men in America, Canada, England, etc., they must first obtain a tourist visa, something (most) men traveling to the Ukraine don’t have to deal with. While obtaining a visa may seem simple enough, the application process is often difficult, confusing, expensive, and time-consuming. Even if a lady is able to secure a visa, she may not be able to afford an international plane ticket or she may feel uncomfortable visiting a man in a foreign country. For these reasons, and others, many gentlemen choose to travel to a lady’s home country rather the other way around.

Gentlemen should also keep in mind that tourist visas are for short-term stays only, usually no more than 90 days. If a lady wishes to visit for a longer period of time, she will need to obtain a different kind of visa all together.

Can a Ukrainian lady visit a Western man in his country? Yes. However, traveling abroad is generally more complicated for Ukrainian women so most couples choose to meet up in a lady’s hometown.

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