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Cartoonist's Controversial Chernobyl Comics

15. February 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

In a letter to the editor on PressConnects.com, Daniel Walikis demanded an apology from Mike Peters, cartoonist of the popular comic strip “Mother Goose and Grimm”.


As the host of the European Ethnic Melodies Show on the Binghamton University radio station, Walikis felt Peters’ week-long series of comics about Chernobyl had “exponentially exceeded the boundaries of what is acceptable to all persons of Ukrainian and Ukrainian-American origin.”


“Mother Goose & Grimm” appears in over 800 newspapers worldwide and consistently places in the top 10 most popular ratings. Last week’s controversial comics can be seen below.


While Walikis was clearly upset that Peters chose “to poke fun and make light of the victims and the continuous suffering as a result of the world’s worst nuclear disaster”, Peters said he was simply outraged that the Ukrainian government is opening Chernobyl as a tourist attraction.


“When a nuclear power plant implodes like Chernobyl, it takes a lot more than 30 years (maybe 300) to become safe enough to bring kids,” Peters said. He hoped his comic strips would interest readers enough to want to talk about it and learn more.


What do you think? Is it harmless humor, or downright disrespectful?