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Celebrate Aleksandras and Yulias Today!

31. May 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

The last day of May is a very special occasion for Russian and Ukrainian ladies named Aleksandra and Yulia.


Russian Name Days honor saints, as well as those who are named after them, and are also referred to as Angel Days.


First we celebrate Aleksandra, or Alexandra, which is a strong, powerful name commonly used in countries of the Former Soviet Union. It’s the feminine variant of the Greek name Alexander, meaning “protector of man”, and is often associated with courage and prestige.


There are over 100 nicknames and variations of the name Aleksandra. Many Russian brides prefer Sasha, Sashenka, Shura, and Shurochka as traditional Russian nicknames, but some have also adopted the more Western versions like Alex, Lexi, Lexa, and Sandy.


The second name we're celebrating is Julia, the feminine form of the Latin name Julius. Most Russian women sharing this name go by one of its variants, such as Yulia, Yuliana, or Yulya. Meaning "youthful", Julias often have a vibrant passion for life and love.


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