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Celebrate Maria and Valeria Today!

20. June 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Russian Name Days are fun cultural occasions and gentlemen will have no trouble finding ladies named Maria and Valeria to congratulate today. These names are very popular throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union.


Maria is said to have several meanings, such as "beloved" in Hebrew and "the sea" in Latin. Russian and Ukrainian women with this name often spell it Mariya, or go by the nicknames Masha, Marya, Mashenka, or Mashulya.


The beautiful name Valeria is the feminine form of the Roman name Valerius. Derived from the word valere, it means strong and healthy. Russian brides sharing this name may spell it different ways and have various nicknames such as Valeriya, Valerya, Valya, Valery, Valka, Lerka, and Lera.


Why not use this opportunity to introduce yourself to these gorgeous girls? Just click on their photos to view their profiles. Showing that you appreciate Russian history and traditions will show that you're serious about Russian dating.



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