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Celebrity Doppelganger: We Think SheerLove Looks Just Like Keri Russell

15. April 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Keri Russell first wooed audiences as college girl Felicity. People went so gaga over her long, curly locks that, when she cut her hair in the second season, it actually caused the show's ratings to fall.


These days, Keri is playing a sultry Russian spy in the exciting 80s espionage show The Americans. We love it, because we get to see a far more explicitly sexy side of the star. But, we still miss her gorgeous curly hair.


Luckily, we have sexy Ukrainian lady SheerLove to gaze at instead. We think she looks just like the American television star.


Here's Keri Russell:




Here's SheerLove:





What do you think?