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Census: Russia’s Population Shrinking, Russian Women Outnumber Men by Millions

29. March 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

According to preliminary census results published by the Russian government newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta, Russia’s population is down and Russian women continue to outnumber Russian men by millions.


Despite State Statistics Service chief Alexander Surinov’s prediction that Russia’s population would increase by one million, the nation’s population actually fell 1.6%, or 2.2 million, since the last national census in 2002. The current population of Russia is around 142.9 million.


Russian males number 66.2 million (46.3%), while 76.7 million women (53.7%) call Russia home. Naturally, the shortage of Russian men is part of the reason Russian women seek love abroad.

The majority of Russians, 73.7%, live in cities or towns, a slight increase of 0.4%. 63 provincial regions in Russia saw a drop in population, 20 saw an increase, and the population of Moscow (the new billionaire capital of the world) grew by 10.9% for a total of 11.5 million.


The Moscow Times reports that results of the October 2009 census will be gradually released over the next three years, with a final report scheduled for 2013.

Russia’s population is expected to continue to drop, reaching 116 million people by 2050.


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