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Chatting with Hot Russian Brides

11. December 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

As HotRussianBrides.com has a unique chat system that allows our members to both chat and video-chat on a minute-to-minute basis, some of our members may want to clarify what the best way to exercise their Chat options with Russian Women will be. This brief guide should provide an overview for anyone not sure how to best use these powerful relationship-building tools and also gives some hints on how to effectively use our services to conserve credits. You may also want to check out our FAQ section for further information.


Billing for Chat sessions with Russian Ladies


Our Chat and Video-chat service bills on a minute-by-minute basis. Depending on the Member level you have, you will see two different rates: Bronze Members pay 2 Credits per Minute for Chat and 2 Credits per Minute for Video streaming. All Paid members, including Silver, Gold and Platinum members pay 1 Credit per Minute of Chat and 1 Credit per Minute for Video Chat (effectively 50% off the price Bronze Members pay!). Please keep in mind that when you are chatting with Ukraine Women and Russian Wives, the Chat will bill in these exact increments, so should you only send one message in a 1-minute period as a Silver member, the chat will still bill you for the whole period.


Closing chat windows and Chats timing out


Our chat sessions are set to time out if neither the Member, nor the Lady responds within a 10 minute period. This is to ensure that our members don’t leave a chat window open by accident and get billed for hours of chatting that they never actually participated in. An important part of the Billing process is how Chat billing is initialized – both parties must respond. After that, the chat will start billing in increments based on your member level.


If you close the chat window, it will stop billing. If the lady responds to the chat again, you will receive a Chat notification and you can open the message and respond to start the Billing process up again. This is a great way to avoid losing credits if you or the ladies are taking your time in responding.


Video Chat Issues


When chatting with a Russian lady, Video Chat is important to keep an eye on. This charges separately from the regular chat and occasionally will not be available for various reasons. If you see any issues with the Video feed or have any technical issues running the Video chat, please let one of our Web Hostesses know!