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Chernobyl Museum Leaves a Lasting Impression

19. June 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

With the recent release of the horror film Chernobyl Diaries, more people are reminded of the nuclear disaster that affected Ukraine in 1986. While the Chernobyl Museum in Kyiv is described as more of a memorial than a museum, the exhibits are moving and informative none the less.


Some visitors say the building is not very visible so be sure to have the address handy (Khoryv Lane, 1,) and look for a handful of emergency vehicles from the time of the disaster parked outside. Inside, there are three small rooms with more than 7,000 exhibits. 


The staff is praised for being friendly and helpful although most of them don't speak English. Audio tapes and tour guides are available to help explain each exhibit which include tributes to the nuclear technicians who stayed at their posts, fire fighters who were first responders, and ambulance drivers who drove into the radiation to pull people out. Guides can also help operate the multimedia displays.


Emotional and philosophic art installations also play an important part of the experience. The idea of creating such installations was the result of collaboration between the scientific staff of the museum and artists, inspired by expeditions to the exclusion zone.


The mission of the museum is to help mankind understand the scope of the Chernobyl disaster through those who witnessed the accident, participated in the mitigation and suffered from the aftermath. The aim is to make people realize the necessity of reconciliation between man, science and technology and to translate the lessons of the tragedy into all spheres of life.


Source: TripAdvisor