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Chernobyl’s 25 Year Anniversary

26. April 2011 by Gregg 0 Comments

Today marks the 25th year since the disaster at the Atomic power station in Chernobyl, Ukraine. The President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych are both expected to attend a ceremony there.


The tragedy that occurred on April 26th, 1986 caused around 30 deaths (with many more by related circumstances recognized later) and tens of thousands of Ukrainian women, men and children to be evacuated from their homes and relocated elsewhere in the Soviet Union.


In response to the event, the power plant was closed and partially encased in concrete as part of the Soviet government’s attempt to decontaminate the area. In February, the Ukrainian government partially opened the area for tourism, as a historically relevant site and it has attracted many curious locals, as well as travelers from around the world to visit to abandoned town.


For gentlemen traveling to meet Russian ladies and Ukrainian girls in Kiev, Chernobyl may by a tempting excursion. It’s important to remember though, that with the recent crisis in Japan, tour bookings have spiked in Chernobyl and it may be hard to go, and many may feel that touring a site of such recent tragedy may be in bad taste.


While Chernobyl may be a draw for some tourists, it is important to remember that Ukraine is a country filled with many historically relevant sites which would be interesting for anyone curious about the cultural side of the Slavic world. It is still possible to tour many of the older castles in Ukraine, such as the three in Lviv, Ukraine and stranger sites such as the Odessa Catacombs.