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Classic New Year's Film, a Comical Look at Love and Fate

17. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

An essential feature of the New Year holiday in Russia, along with the Christmas tree, Ded Moroz, and champagne, is the showing of the legendary film The Irony of Fate. This made-for-TV movie was first released on New Year’s Eve in 1975 and is regularly shown and religiously watched each year by millions.


Russian women strongly believe that fate is what draws couples together and that belief is the main idea behind this satirical comedy of errors. Also known as Enjoy Your Bath, the film begins with male friends meeting at a bath house in Moscow to celebrate New Year’s Eve.


The main character, Zhenya, joins his friends for their annual tradition at the bath house to drink and talk about his upcoming wedding to his bride Galya. The men enjoy themselves so much, they get extremely drunk. Afterwards, they head to the airport to send one friend back to Leningrad, but in their drunken stupor, the groom himself boards the plane by mistake.


When Zhenya awakes at the Leningrad airport, he thinks he’s still in Moscow and boards a taxi to head home and spend the rest of New Year’s Eve with his beautiful bride. Would you believe that his Moscow house shares the same exact address with a house in Leningrad? He’s dropped off at a house that looks like his, where his key actually opens the door, and he decides to take another nap.


Of course the real owner of this house, Nadya, returns home to find a stranger sleeping in her bed. Confusion and hilarity ensue. Nadya also has a fiancé, Ippolit, who becomes very angry and jealous about this mysterious male guest and leaves. With no more flights back to Moscow that evening, Zhenya and Nadya are forced to spend New Year’s Eve together.


You may predict what happens next. The new couple formed by fate falls in love. However, in the morning, Zhenya makes the difficult decision to head back to Moscow. Nadya cannot forget the strong love connection she felt with Zhenya and believes she let her true soul mate slip away. She immediately boards a plane to Moscow and the couple is happily reunited.


The Irony of Fate has become a legendary film over the years and contributes to the deep belief that fate is the controlling force of triumphant love. This belief is one reason why so many Russian and Ukrainian women choose the internet to seek their soul mate. They feel that their perfect partner is out there somewhere and the internet provides an effective method to aid in this search.


Let the power of fate lead you to your soul mate and being your search today!