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Cocktails and Karaoke at Mai Tai Lounge

19. July 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Visitors of Kyiv are often surprised at the assortment of nationalities represented at restaurants. It’s easy to find Italian kitchens, French cuisine, Fusion creations, Indian specialties, Irish pubs, English bars, and of course, traditional Ukrainian feasts.


Another culture that has recently made its mark in the city center is Polynesian with the May opening of Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Lounge.


Gorgeous Ukrainian girls wear leis and long colorful skirts while taking orders and dancing throughout the five lounges. Tiki torches, tribal masks, statues, and ceremonial drums decorate the place for the perfect Polynesian atmosphere.


The cocktail list is practically limitless, with liquors and beers from almost every country. First guests must try an original Mai Tai created from the 1944 recipe. There are also eight other variations of the famous drink, such as the Suffering Bastard and the Navy Grog.


The menus are equally as impressive with light snacks and sushi to family style luau meals.


With five different rooms to relax in, there is always a variety of musical entertainment as well. The karaoke hall may be the most popular with contests and battles every day of the week. Other rooms supply island sounds or special events, such as an Elvis impersonator earlier this month.


Summer is a sensational time to experience this tropical retreat with your favorite Ukrainian bride.