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Cold? Ignite Warm Thoughts with Our Sexy Russian Ladies

21. October 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

No matter that the calendar says autumn, many parts of the US are being hit by cold fronts. Many of our members in other Northern hemisphere countries are already in deep freeze, And, yeah, we’re jealous of our members Down Under (that’s Australia and New Zealand), where summer is starting.


Russia is, of course, almost synonymous with bitter winters. But this year, the snow situation is iffy: Moscow’s mayor claims he plans to stop the snow over his city. Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said cloud-seeding technology could be used to keep snow out of Moscow for only one-third of the annual cost of snowplows and other removal operations, The Times of London reported Monday.


Luzhkov said the technology is already used to ensure sunny days for special occasions, like the annual parade celebrating victory in World War II. But some scientists say it doesn’t work longterm – clouds have a way of traveling.


One thing hizzoner can’t change is that Russian winters are bitter cold. Most of our ladies rely on public transportation to get to agencies and use computers to chat and email; most don’t even have computers at home!


Fortunately, we have arranged a special, highly personalized service to make communicating with our ladies easier in winter. At a lady’s request, our agencies in Russia and Ukraine can view a member’s email and read it to the lady over the phone. That way, if a snowstorm keeps her homebound, she can get your special message quickly. And the lady can respond to you, too, with the agency relaying her spoken words back to you in an e-mail. It’s the kind of unique service that makes hotrussianbrides.com a cut above our competitors.


With icy temperatures descending on Russia, Ukraine, and many of our members’ home countries, we know how much you’d love to cuddle up with one of our beautiful ladies in front of a fireplace, and so we present a few of their pictures to warm you up – and, hopefully, chat up soon on hotrussianbrides.com!