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Consider Her Side as a Mail Order Bride

9. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

If you’ve seen the blogs and forums about mail order brides and Russian online dating, you’re familiar with the common complaints and concerns. Are her photos really her? Is she serious about marriage? Does she just want to get out of her country? Some men even swear off the search for their soul mate because they are so worried about Russian women scammer stories.


Putting yourself in her shoes and learning about the things that cause worry and wonder on her side of this dating adventure will help you become more successful in finding the perfect match.


Phony Photos

Just like guys gripe about their suspicions of fake profile photos, the ladies do the same. They are often fooled by old photos or completely phony ones. When their suitors appear in person, the girls are confused and incredibly hurt. Most Russian brides aren’t too concerned with age and even prefer older gentlemen, but none of them like to be lied to.


Empty Promises

Russian brides also share stories of gentlemen always promising to meet but never showing up. Whether it’s work, family, the economy, or the weather… there are always plenty of excuses. The ladies get so excited and eagerly anticipate the visit, only to be let down.


Constant Sex Talk

Hot Russian brides may be used to being stared at and drooled over, but they can become annoyed by men who overdo it with constant chatting about sex. Since they are seriously searching for true love, most girls would rather hear all about you, your life, and your potential future together. While the topic of sex is bound to come up at some point, talking about it immediately or continually is a major turn off.


Although these ladies are often still referred to as "mail order brides", gentlemen must remember that they are real people with real feelings. They don't appreciate that archaic term and take their hunt for husbands very seriously. Men are surprised to learn that some of the same issues they deal with on Russian dating sites are similar to the ladies’ experience as well. Russian women are worried about scammers, liars, fakes and phonies too! Are you a real gentleman… or could your name end up on their black lists?