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Discover Donetsk Destinations for Date Ideas

30. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

As the fifth largest city in Ukraine, Donetsk is a major economic, industrial, and scientific center. However, it’s not all steel plants, coal mines, and research institutes.


Hundreds of species of flowers were planted in parks, squares and boulevards year after year, giving Donetsk the nickname "The City of a Million Roses."


Take a scenic sightseeing stroll with your favorite Ukrainian bride and be sure to include these cultural attractions. Some also make great stops for spending solo time in between dates.


Artema Street

You haven’t discovered Donetsk until you’ve traversed Artema Street, or First Line Avenue. It’s the main drag which features amazing architecture, trendy hotels, fancy restaurants, and lots of shopping opportunities. It starts at the train station and runs all along the city center.



Lenin Square

While walking along Artema Street, you’ll swing through Lenin Square and see the towering statue of Vladimir Lenin himself. Donetsk denizens buried letters addressed to future generations underneath the monument. If you visit anytime other than winter, you’ll see the Music Fountain dancing at sunset.


Pushkin Boulevard

Closed to cars on weekends, Pushkin Boulevard is a beautiful green walkway that takes you away from Donetsk city life. Flowing fountains, al fresco cafes, playgrounds, and impressive monuments line the way.


You’ll see the intricate Mertsalov Palm, the world’s most famous plant forged out of steel. Also, the Alley of Stars resembles the Hollywood Walk of Fame but instead of celebrities, anyone can purchase a star emblazoned with their name or company logo.


Forged Figures Park

For more sculptures forged out of steel, stroll through Forged Figures Park. It’s called the most romantic corner of the city and newlyweds often choose the location as the setting for their wedding photos. In fact, it’s nicknamed “The Park of Brides.” More steel and iron sculptures are added every year during the International Smithcraft Festival in September.


Royal Marine Aquapark

After all that strolling along squares and parks, why not get refreshed with a visit to the waterpark? Also known as the Aquatoria, it’s the world's largest retractable aluminum-domed indoor waterpark.



Donbass Arena Stadium

Built specifically for EURO 2012, Donbass Arena Stadium is shaped like a flying saucer and features three restaurants, several bars, a museum, and a spinning soccer ball fountain.



Botanical Garden

As one of the largest in Europe, Donetsk’s Botanical Garden has more than 8,000 plants of 5,000 species. The garden helped Donetsk become one of the greenest industrial cities in the world. This is another popular place for brides and grooms to schedule outdoor weddings and photo shoots.


Nemo Dolphinarium

It seems every Ukrainian city is adding a dolphinarium but it’s because they are such popular attractions. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the aquatic acrobatics by the dolphins and other sea animals. You can even take a swim yourself and learn about how dolphins provide therapy.


The House of Hughes

If you like old buildings, stop by The House of Hughes, the family house of Donetsk founder John Hughes. Constructed in 1873, the house is like a museum with all of his old paintings and furniture, along with important drafts and documents from his projects.


Liverpool Entertainment Complex

Beatles fans flock to the Liverpool Hotel and Live Music Bar which welcomes you with a bronze monument of the British rock band. You can stay at the modern hotel, listen to music at the bar, and dine at the restaurant, all of which have unforgettable atmospheres.


These are only 10 of Donetsk’s delightful attractions. There are dozens more!


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