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Do Russian Women Only Want American Men?

20. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Some gentlemen believe that the ladies of HotRussianBrides are only interested in American men. However, this simply isn’t true. Though HRB has helped facilitate many Russian/American unions, the ladies are interested in dating men from around the world, not just American men or men from Canada or England.

The ladies' primary goal in using HotRussianBrides.com is to find a long-term match, not a man from country A or country B. As the site operates in English, the majority of men are from the United States, England, Canada, or Australia, but the ladies are open to meeting men from around the world, be it the U.S., Canada, England, Spain, Greece, Italy, or more.

Though there’s no way for men to search for women with a pronounced interest in one country or the other, it may help gentlemen to search for women who speak the language of their land. To search for women who speak another language, simply paste the link below into your address bar and then replace Russian with whatever language you want.




If you want to meet women who speak Spanish, replace Russian with Spanish. If you want to meet women who speak French, replace Russian with French, and so on. Or just save and bookmark the following links.


Russian Women That Speak Spanish
Russian Women That Speak French
Russian Women That Speak Italian
Russian Women That Speak Dutch
Russian Women That Speak German
Women That Speak Chinese
Women That Speak Japanese
Women That Speak Portuguese

Of course, the best way for a gentleman to learn if a lady is interested is to strike up a conversation and get to know her.

Are Russian women only seeking men from America? No! The ladies of HotRussianBrides, like the gentlemen, are simply looking for love, wherever they can find it and are open minded enough to give international dating a try.