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Do Ukrainian Women Have the Internet at Home?

5. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many men are curious about Internet access in Ukraine. Can the women of HRB chat and check their email from home or must they travel to an introduction agency to use a computer? While every lady’s situation is different, here are a few things to keep in mind about Internet access in Ukraine.

According to a report issued by Internet World Stats, around 15 million Ukrainians, or 33.9% of the population, were online as of December 31, 2011. For comparison, the number of users in the UK was 84.1% and 78.6% in North America. According to the Internet Association of Ukraine, 48% of Ukraine's population older than 15 have access to Internet (as of March 2012), and 31% of them access the Net daily. So while a number of Internet options exist – including dial up and broad band – many Ukrainians do not have the Internet at home and Internet usage is not as prevalent as it is in other countries.

When communicating with the women of HRB, keep in mind that they may not have an Internet connection at home and can log on only when their schedules allow a trip to the agency. Even if a woman does have home-based access, there are many reasons she might choose to use an agency’s computers instead. For example, the connection is likely faster, the agency provides interpreters and translators to assist with communication, and the ladies can socialize with other women looking for love abroad, among other things.

Do Ukrainian women have the Internet at home? Some do, but most probably do not. While Ukrainians can typically access the Net when they need to, home service is not as prevalent as it is Western Europe and North America.