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Do You Have a Relationship Deal-Breaker?

11. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Everyone has what is known as a relationship “deal-breaker,” a quality or trait they just can’t stand in a significant other and will not tolerate under any circumstances. However, what Western men find unacceptable and what Russian women find unacceptable is not always the same thing.  

We asked over 3,000 members of HotRussianBrides, both male and female, what quality they consider to be a relationship deal-breaker. The members had 9 choices: too much partying, bad friends, poor sense of style, bad manners, bad in bed, bad hygiene, too needy, too demanding, and too controlling.

Here’s how the ladies responded.


The two most common deal-breakers cited by Russian women are bad manners (23%) and bad hygiene (19%). Interestingly, these are the same qualities the ladies mentioned in last year’s turn on/turn off survey.  In that survey, 22% of the ladies agreed that men with poor hygiene are a big turn off, while 28% of the women were repulsed by bad manners. Other significant deal-breakers revealed in the most recent survey are men who are too demanding (13%) and men who are too controlling (15%).

Here’s how the men responded to the same question.


While men wholeheartedly agree that bad hygiene is a deal-breaker (20%), only 8% feel the same way about bad manners. Men are most put off by women who are too controlling (28%), too demanding (16%), or those who party too much (16%).

So, what can men on HotRussianBrides.com learn from this most recent data?  That good manners really do matter, even in an online setting! We’ve written many times about the importance of basic etiquette and not being too demanding or too controlling when courting Russian women online. Unfortunately, many male members either don’t know or don’t care when they are behaving badly or think the ladies are so desperate to many a foreigner that they are willing to overlook any flaws. This is simply not the case and men with unrealistic expectations are not successful on HotRussianBrides.com. If you want to find a Russian wife, mind your manners and treat the ladies with respect and dignity.