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Celebrity Doppelganger: Christina Applegate and Russian Bride Passionfruit

19. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

 There's more than a passing resemblance between sexy Ukrainian bride Passionfruit, 25, and actress Christina Applegate. 


Both celebrate November birthdays (Passionfruit on the 18th and Applegate on the 25th), and both share the same passion: they earn their living in front of the camera.


Passionfruit is a photographer's model from Stevaltopol.

Applegate, of course, became famous for her role as the bodacious and brainless Kelly Bundy on Fox's Married...With Children. She most recently starred in the ABC comedy, Samantha Who?, until it was cancelled in May 2009. 


Passionfruit describes herself as emotional with varied interests -- much like Applegate, who in real life is nothing like Kelly Bundy! She is a hard-working actress, a tireless campaigner for breast cancer awareness (she is a survivor) and a committed vegetarian.  


Both are hot ladies with a passion for life and looks to die for. Click on the photo to see more of Passionfruit.