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Dreaming of Ukrainian Brides? Visit Kyiv’s Museum of Dreams

7. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Why not treat your favorite Ukrainian girl to a date she’ll never forget by exploring the human subconscious at the Museum of Dreams?


"I think that people can get acquainted with the study of psychoanalysis through the art at this museum, thus making it more understandable for them," says museum founder Viktoriya Danelyan.


The museum's mission is to help answer questions people have not only regarding their dreams but also about their nightmares.


"You know nightmares is quite an attractive topic," Viktoriya says with a smile.


Nightmare exhibition guide Yaryna Hrusha says that most of their visitors are incredibly interesting people who like to think and analyze themselves.


"During our tour through the museum exhibition they tell me about their dreams and try to associate them with some of the exhibition's elements," she explains.


While in Kyiv, consider visiting the Museum of Dreams. Don't forget to bring your favorite, or most terrifying one to donate to the Chest of Dreams!


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Source: Worldwide News Ukraine