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Episode 3 of Bravo's "Miami Social" reveals the family focus of Russian Women

29. July 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

On this week’s episode of Miami Social, “The Better Lover”, the tension that had been mounting in previous weeks between George and his Russian girlfriend, Lina exploded into an all-out fight, while Maria, the young Russian professional photographer dealt with the lack of her daughter’s presence.

In the previous episode of Miami Social, Maria’s daughter, Angelika, had left to attend boarding school in Switzerland. While she kept repeating what a great opportunity it was for Angelika, Maria seemed very upset by her daughter’s absence. She spent her most of the episode hanging out with her friend and fellow Social circle member Michael and chatting with Angelika on her webcam.

Later on that episode, Lina received some shocking and exciting news, she was pregnant. The episode ended with her talking to a family member, unsure of what George’s reaction would be.

Miami Social has spent three episodes focusing on the lives of a group of friends which contains two recent Russian immigrants. Maria, a worldly freelance photographer had initially been a way to see the life of a Russian mother, living in the US, but now with Lina and George’s revelation, we can only wonder if the focus of Miami Social may turn to Russian ladies and their families to an even greater extent than before.