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Experience the Instant Benefits of Live Video Chat

21. February 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

While emails are great, they simply don’t offer members the same instant benefits as live video streaming. If you haven’t tried HotRussianBride.com’s video chat feature you’re missing out on a fun and valuable Russian dating tool.


Why Live Video Chat?

Many gentlemen want to find and marry a special Russian woman as soon as possible, but rely only on email to get acquainted with the ladies and build relationships with potential matches. While there is certainly nothing wrong with email, this form of communication simply isn’t as quick as live video streaming. Think about it. With email, gentlemen write a message and then wait days, or even weeks, for a reply. However, with live chat gentlemen can receive instant answers to their questions as well as view a lady's reaction, be it a smile, laugh, or blush. A gentleman could theoretically learn more about a Russian woman in one video streaming session than in days or even weeks of written emails. Not only that, but suitors can instantly see, for themselves, that the ladies on camera are the same ladies pictured in the profiles. Don’t believe us? Why not see for yourself?


How to Chat Live

To instantly chat with a Russian woman, simply log on to HotRussianBrides.com and click on the flashing “Live Chat” button on a lady’s profile card. At the time of this posting, over 400 women were streaming video and available for live chat. Members may also accept chat invites (top part of screen) by clicking “Let’s Chat.” If you’re viewing a Russian woman’s profile, simply click on the flashing “Live Webcam” button just under the lady’s use name. If the Live Webcam button is not flashing the lady is not currently streaming video.


Emails are great, but do not offer gentlemen (and ladies) the same instant gratification as video chat. Be sure to try HotRussianBride.com's live video streaming feature to experience the benefits for yourself.