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FEMEN Opens Training Camp in Paris, Topless Celebration Ensues

19. September 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

I see London. I see France. I see FEMEN training camps. The Ukrainian feminist group known as FEMEN opened a new training camp in Paris yesterday, an event members celebrating by marching topless through the City of Lights.

“FEMEN’s headquarters in Paris is a center of physical and moral training of activists who are ready to perform tasks of any difficulty and provocativity,” FEMEN writes on their website (NSFW). "Come, strip, win."

Though critics claim FEMEN’s topless marches undermine the group’s cause, which is to protest gender discrimination, members say bare-chested protests are what draws eyes to women’s issues.

The group made headlines for their topless protests at Euro 2012 and the London Olympics.

“No one really pays attention to women's issues, but we saw changes when we started protesting naked, especially because we are sexy and pretty,” activist Inna Schevchenko told BFM TV “It became our fighting strategy.”

FEMEN also plans to open camps in New York, Montreal, and Sao Paul. 

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Photo: FEMEN.org