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Featured Couple: Anna and Robert

2. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Anna: I have been with the agency for almost five years… After some time passed since I got  registered with the agency I became interested in a man who was significantly older than me. He was interested in me as well. We were corresponding, getting to know each other and there was a feeling of love. Then he stopped writing to me without any explanation. I was very hurt and could not stay on the site. So I left to take some time to recover from this blow. I met a man in Odessa, but our relationship did not work out. I came back to my agency and a year later I met my man. I will tell you about him a bit later  I always knew what kind of a man I wanted to be with me.


There are a lot of men out there, but when you have searched for a long time and have been disappointed, when you want to find your soul mate and yet none of the men seem to be the one, you start to give up and lose hope. But there is still a spark of hope left in your heart and you keep pushing through towards your goal. I was told that I did not meet the right man because I did not really want to get married. But the truth was that finding my soul mate was my cherished dream. I even turned down men in Odessa because I took my search on the website very seriously. I could not imagine how I could date a man and at the same time continue coming to chat with other men. If someone came from abroad to meet me, it would feel like I cheated them both. I realized that everything would come at the proper time. Meeting a decent man is worth the wait.


Here is how everything happened. I was online one day and my translator, Maria, was helping me read letters from men. Then all of a sudden a chat window popped up on my screen with a photo of an attractive man inviting me to chat. I thought that most likely he just wanted to chat for entertainment and then would disappear. When I agreed to chat with him, he wrote to me that he read my profile and was interested. Then he just sent me a question after question like during an interrogation  I asked him questions that interested me, but he ignored them and kept asking me more questions. He wanted to get to know me better and decide if I was the type of a woman he was looking for. He simply flooded me with questions. So, that’s how our correspondence started. To be honest, it was hard for me to believe in his sincerity, but Robert did not give up. My translator Maria told me to take another look at him because he seemed like a nice man and we even looked somewhat alike. But as you may know, once you’ve suffered, it is hard to open up to another person. During many months of communication we came to realize that we have a lot in common. We appreciate the same things in people, we have similar interests and so on. When I was returning home after talking to him online, I realized that he was the one and I started thanking God for finding him and happy tears were rolling down my face. After that evening everything changed inside me and I cannot even put it into words. This was a sign from God.


Robert was supposed to come for New Year’s in 2008. I bought a new dress and got prepared for our meeting. But then I found out that he could not make it due to his work schedule. You cannot even imagine how I felt… I celebrated the New Year’s alone in my apartment because I did not feel like going anywhere. I put on my new dress, did my hair and made a wish as the clocked chimed midnight. Guess what my wish was!  I was having a good time and just goofing around 0 I thought that he would want to see me happy and not sad and in tears. I had to wait for our first meeting till spring. It was hard, but we managed. When we finally met, we decided to go to Yalta. It was a big moment for us, because we had a chance to get to know each other more without an interpreter, but with the help of a dictionary. I want to add that he is from South Africa.


Can you imagine that a woman from Ukraine and a man from South Africa found each other.


Anna and Robert


P.S. Your soul mate will do everything to be with you even if you do not want to move to his country. He will come to you, he will get another job, he will leave everything behind just to be with you. Dear ladies, I understand you very well, I understand that you are tired of waiting and the time keeps ticking. Turn to God and ask him to bless you and to direct you in your search. Work on improving yourself. Perhaps your other half is waiting for you somewhere, but God is waiting for you to change yourself for the better and to become wiser. Or maybe God is looking for the best man for you and that takes time. Be patient and fight for your happiness!!!