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Featured Couple: Bill and Larisa

4. August 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

I met with Larisa and she turned out to be the woman I have searched for over the past 15 months. We have communicated on the web site for almost 5 months.

...I looked at Larisa's profile many times before I asked her to chat with me. That, in itself was strange because it has always been a rare occurrence for me to ask any lady to chat. It is always the other way around. There was something different about Larisa. Honestly? there were three reasons I did not want to talk to Larisa, she was way too pretty, she did not speak english and she has a 14 year old son. There are so many things to consider when someone is searching for the perfect woman. As we all know, there is no such thing as perfect, but I think we all want to find the perfect match. After all? love and a lifelong relationship is just that, it's for life. There is no way to place a value on a relationship or minimize the effort one puts into finding our other half.

For me, learning so many things about others and myself is the journey of a lifetime. For the last 8 years, I devoted all of my time for my parents, my kids and my business. My parents are gone, I am in the process of selling my business and my kids are doing great. Early last year, I decided it was time for me. I have communicated with many ladies here in the US and of coarse, overseas.

My heart and feelings have guided me to Larisa. Some people might say I am crazy for spending the time and money to search for a woman. I suppose if I were to tell any woman, I love her, but the amount of money I spent to find her was way too much, there would be some disagreement for the price one should put on love and happiness. The fact is, I have not searched for just any woman. I have searched for my treasure, a woman with no description and no qualifications. A woman that feels the same chemistry as I do. A woman that cannot describe her feelings for why she actually cares for me. She just feels it, as my feelings for her, are the same.

When we talked about my coming to meet her, we discussed the language difference at great length. We had decided to try and communicate the best we could and see what happens. The first day we met, we used a translator for just a few hours. We actually did not need her. Larisa has learned some english and I have learned some russian, the electronic translator did the rest. We had no trouble communicating at all. We were together everyday and did many things together.

We went to visit her parents and Vlad, her son. Vlad is a very nice young man and Larisa's parents are really cool too... After dinner, it was time for the ride back to Nikolaev. On the way back, Larisa gave me the look..... you know? the look after you do something maybe you should not do the next time? we both laughed a lot and agreed next time, I would share her glass of vino:) I knew then, she really liked me. I can still remember the taste of the wine, yummy. Also, I think I agreed with Peter to come back in November and help with wine making. At least I remember something like that:) We will see.

We will start the visa process next week and hopefully, Larisa will be here to visit in the next few months. And who knows? Maybe even stay for a while :)

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