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Featured Couple: Elena and Robert [Updated]

29. March 2011 by Admin 0 Comments

ELENA: I want to share the greatest miracle that has happened in my life…I came on this site about 4 years ago and it was a long search of beloved man..I got a great experience using this site, I had communication with men from different countries, made new friends and got a good understanding of foreign man thinking…so all this helped me to find my precious and beloved man Robert and to develop deep and special relationships with him. I can say with no doubts that we are ONE. Thank you, dear men, for showing interest through your sincere letters and interesting communication in chats. I also want to give special thanks to my beloved agency, president, Tatyana, and her big friendly team. They became a part of my miracle. Their great work transformed and inspired me to be better a woman, a real princess! From all my heart I want to wish all participants of this site to have faith and patience in your search. Do not give up! Your miracle is waiting for you!


ROBERT: The eyes of my heart found the wonderful woman in Elena Princess Butterfly. I'm the most happy man and blessed to have such woman in my life as you to build our world together.