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Featured Couple: Ernest and Marina

8. November 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

MARINA: I am very happy, that I have found my second half, my beloved, my native person on this site, whom I love more than my life and now I am waiting with impatience when all the questions with documents will be solved and we will be able to live as one family. Today my beloved Ernest and I are very happy. We live by our future. We dream together and build plans together. So far there are 6,5 thousand miles that separate us, but we feel each other, care about each other. And every minute all my thoughts are about Him. And I know whatever he is doing, he is always with me in my thoughts. We can rely on care, support and mutual understanding of each other in everything. We remind daily with a great gratitude the people because of whom we live in this word, the people who helped us to find each other and to meet in this world and with its huge population. I cannot stop surprising where Ukraine is and where Texas is.


Love had no distance and borders and our history is a bright example to this saying. We believe that we will be together for all our life despite any obstacles for we love each other FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.


ERNEST: Yes, I did go to Dnepr. I had the best 8 days of my life. Marina and I spent every minute together. I met her family and friends and had a great time. I proposed to her and she accepted. We will be married as soon as I can get her to the states.