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Featured Couple: Mark and Ekaterina

14. May 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

MARK: When I first began my search several years ago I never knew how long it would take to find the one heart I could learn to trust. Many times I would wonder if the girl I would meet and marry was worth all the disappointments, all the frustration and all the difficulty to find my second half. When I met Ekaterina, I understood she was more beautiful than any girl I imagined I would meet and marry.


She was special from the first moment I ever saw her. She is type of rare beauty who would cause local men to just stop and stare. But it wasn't just her stunning external beauty that captured my heart... it was her golden heart. I know we are soul mates. She knows I care for her deeply and we are very happy to have each other it is true.


I know when I returned after our extended first meeting (several weeks), that I doubted such a beautiful and very young girl was serious for meeting. It took months of chatting and really understanding the person was genuine for us to attempt another meeting, but we did and each day we grow more and more trusting and caring for each other.


I will be asking to marry her. I adore my Ekaterina, she is everything. Thank you all for the website. It is great that Kate will be the first and last girl I met from the website, and also the very best in the world for me! I adore her beyond measure.


EKATERINA: It’s been a long and interesting journey and I could write a story about it. We met in May 2011 and spent a whole month together. Everything was going well but right before his departure we had some misunderstanding and stopped communicating. But later on thanks to this website we reestablished our relationship after recognizing our mistakes.


We met again in about half a year. Everything is going very well and we are very happy to have each other. I’m very happy God gave us another chance. My Mark is a great person. He didn’t pay attention to what other ladies were telling him about our relationship. He believed in himself and trusted our feelings and now we are very happy together. I would like to also thank my agency and the website for helping me to find my second half.