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Featured Couple: Martin and Elena

13. May 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Martin: Elena and I have met on the site for the 1st time in August 2008. At once, I knew how much she is a wonderful person in her ways to care about people, in her kindness, beauty, values, romance, attention, affection and in her tender heart. Over the 1st weeks, we have developed a strong friendship and every communication were so sweet and rich  that we couldn’t wait for the next one. Then came the 1st meeting. I had already feelings for her and when we have met for the 1st time, the connection and the vibration between us were very  strong and magic.


Throughout the year, we have continued to know each other very well and communicated every day and developed a strong, magical and romantic love. Yelena always makes me feel special and I always want her to feel special. On November 14, 2009, we have decided get engaged in very wonderful place and everything was so wonderful and perfect.


Now we want to get married and Elena will move to Montreal and we will live in wonderful harmony. I would like to thank the agency for their excellent services and precising help. Yelena and I appreciated every thing that you have done for us!


Elena: I have been with my agency for some time and I have absolutely no regrets about my decision to register with them. My dream was to meet my other half and it came true. This was something I was looking forward to for a long time and now that it happened, I am overwhelmed with emotions. From the very start our romance was beautiful and sincere.  Martin made me feel special and desired.


There are no limits to my gratitude to the agency not only for giving me the opportunity to be on this website, but also for all the valuable advice they gave me as well as helping me keep my faith. It is so easy to give up on dreams and lose hope, but I am glad that I did not. It is nice to realize that we are now together and we are going to share a lot of unforgettable moments.