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Featured Couple: Stephen and Valeria

26. July 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Stephen: Overall, I would say I was very happy with the entire trip. Everyone with the organization was very friendly, and professional. I am now engaged to the woman I came to see in Ukraine. I enjoyed the visit to the agency, and I was surprised at the earnestness and openness of the staff and women I spoke to there. ...Every person I met with your organization, drivers, translators, manager, all exceeded my expectations. In fact they were wonderful.


Valeria: Dreams come true! Often times we lose our faith as if the daily routine and the daily problems take it away from us. But we should keep our faith and reach out to the wonderful things in life. My life changed drastically. When I look back at the events that took place, I realize that my dream found me. I would like to thank my agency for inviting me to participate in this program and for helping me to carry on my search and not lose faith even in the toughest moments. You changed my life and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart. Deep down I knew that I would meet my other half because it was my dream and I was ready for it. It turned out that the man of my dreams has a Ukrainian background.


I felt very close to him even while we were corresponding. I felt that we shared the same outlook on life. I realized that there could be some difficulties due to cultural differences or the age gap, but when we met, I knew we were on the right track. We became close with every moment that we spent together. We were able to communicate our thoughts to each other very well even though I did not speak much English. When two people have sincere feelings towards each other, no obstacles seem to exist. The world has met yet another happy couple… Do not be afraid to dream and remember that if you truly wish for something, the entire Universe will be helping you.