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Featured Couple: Tatyana and Chris

8. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

HotRussianBrides Featured Couple

Well, how does it happen? I don t even know where to begin. It was definitely not by chance, but I would say more of a destiny these two lovers shared. These two did everything possible to meet, so they could be together forever, to marry, and to begin building the family of their dreams.


An American joins the website russianlovematch.com and sees many beautiful women from all parts of Ukraine and Russia, but one special lady stands apart from all the others. Tatyana, a 22 year-old lady from the south of Ukraine, has captured an American heart from over 5000 miles away, who would have thought it was possible? She had joined the website just two weeks prior to their first online meeting. They began to take the first tentative steps in their relationship and began to chat. After one month of exchanging letters, chatting, and learning as much about each other as they could, this man decided to take that wonderful step, and made plans to travel to Ukraine.


Their first meeting was coordinated through an agency in Kherson. The anxious gentleman began his journey through Ukraine after landing in Kiev and transferring planes for the short trip to Kherson. When he was met at the airport and saw Tatyana for the first time he was speechless. He was truly unprepared for her stunning beauty in person. The scene had been set for an international love match and would have to be a successful outcome.

Tatyana knew English and German very well, therefore they would not need the services of an interpreter. It was so easy for her to talk to her man in his native language, all the while looking into his eyes. It was so romantic.


Their first evening together took place in downtown Kherson, in one of the most romantic sidewalk cafes located in the city center. She looked so amazing, adorned with a simple string of pearls, an elegant dress, and beautiful sandals. He was turned out in his fanciest suit, and when he presented Tatyana with a bouquet of red roses, her heart simply melted.


He was only able to come here to Ukraine because he had begun and fostered a trusted relationship with Tatyana through HotRussianBrides.com, a website he came to trust and appreciate. He soon realized that he was using the most trusted agency in Ukraine, and that this company would take care of him. This all lead to an easy trip, arrival, and transition into life in Ukraine, and made it possible for him to concentrate on the most important thing now in his life, Tatyana.


They spent such a wonderful time together while he was in Ukraine. Because they both knew they were meant for each other, and to spend their lives together they decided to delete their profiles from the hotrussianbrides.com website and they promised to do everything to make it possible for Tatyana to come to the US and spend their lives together.


Together they spent the next few months taking care of the paperwork to make it possible for Tatyana to finally be together with her man. Some months passed and they married. They are now so happy and do not regret a thing.


They would like to tell everyone that is chatting and trying to find their soul mate through HotRussianBrides.com that anything is possible, you just need to believe and take a chance like this amazing couple.